Vera&John Casino Bonus

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Vera&John Casino Bonus

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Vera & John Casino Bonus Information! !

Vera & John Casino bonuses
Vera & John Casino stores bonuses and cash separately in their accounts.
≪Example 1≫
Cash and bonus will be split into $ 100 each and put into your account. When you start playing, you will always use it from the cash side.

Suppose you enjoyed the game for a while and won a big win of $ 400. In your account you will see a $ 500 cash and $ 100 unused bonuses. You can withdraw cash at any time after enjoying the equivalent of the deposit amount in game play, so you can withdraw $ 500 cash at i-BANQ or ecopayz at this time . However, if you withdraw the cash while you have a bonus, all the bonuses you have at that time will be automatically deleted.

≪Example 2≫
As in Example 1, suppose you have $ 100 cash and bonuses each. This time, let’s say you’ve enjoyed the game for a while, you’ve spent all your $ 100 cash, and your cash balance has gone to zero. In this state, you can use the bonus for the first time. Bonuses have withdrawal requirements. The normal bonus is that the bonus will be reflected in the cash after you enjoy the game with a wager amount of 40 times the bonus amount earned.

All winnings earned using the bonus will be reflected as a bonus until the withdrawal conditions are met. Even if the winnings earned with this bonus increase by more than the original earned bonus amount, all winnings will be reflected as bonuses until the withdrawal conditions are met. When the withdrawal condition is met, all winnings in the used bonus will be reflected as cash.

Notes on obtaining bonuses at Vura John Casino
Assuming this bonus is a normal bonus, the withdrawal condition is $ 4000, 40 times $ 100. Specifically, in order to convert from bonuses to cash, you must play the game with a total wager of $ 4000. When the withdrawal conditions are cleared, the entire amount of the applicable bonus at that time is converted to cash instead of the $ 100 bonus earned.

[More details about the wagering amount of the withdrawal condition!]
Bonus wagers are counted only after you start using the bonus. In other words, keep in mind that cash wagers are not counted as withdrawal wagers. When you start playing with a bonus, all wagers made, regardless of the size of the single wager, such as $ 0.10 and $ 10, are counted as wagers that clear the withdrawal requirements. You can always check your bonus usage status from in . Or click here. Please note that the percentage of your bet counted to meet your withdrawal requirements will vary by game, as described below.

Percentage counted as wagering amount for game-specific bonus
100% slot / video slot
100% instant games
40% Oasis Poker, Pontoon, Punto Banco, Caribbean Poker
15% Video Poker (all types)
15% blackjack (all types)
15% roulette (all types)
15% Baccarat (all types)

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