Online Casino Commentary

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An online casino commentary …

First, here

For online casinos,
I would like to explain this site manager’s way of thinking.

Online casinos can be played by anyone who registers.

Of course,

No screening or qualification is required. .

However, there is an age limit,

If you are a minor, please be patient until you become an adult.

Online casinos have a high payout rate and can play games with a margin by playing games advantageously

And the best feature is that you can play with real money,

If you are lucky, even beginners of online casinos can make millions to hundreds of millions of yen. . .

Beginners racks can really happen! !

Naturally, only a handful of such people are …

The reality is that many people lose money. . .

Reality is reality,

Online casinos are located in places, buildings, etc. where casinos are operated.

To save a lot of money
(There is no need for real land and buildings because it is online),

Of course, because the cost of the operation itself is reduced,

That gives us back to the players. .

That’s very attractive. .

Online casinos are significantly more competitive than other gambling for the above reasons,

The payout rate (reward rate of the stake) is high.

Naturally, far more than pachinko, lottery, horse racing, etc.

The payout rate (return rate) is high. .

Needless to say,

This is really advantageous for players in gambling. .

Although it is not always a win, since the payout rate is high, you can win advantageously,

You can also play online games and study online casinos to increase your winning percentage. .

And the extraordinary payout rate as mentioned above. .

Introducing online casinos

Unlike these other gambling,

You and the players have a great advantage in online casinos,

It means that you can compete. .

Another thing the admin wants to say is that in online casinos,

We can’t always say that we won, but we can increase the win rate, …

about it.

In some games, luck alone determines the game.
You might think that such a game is a test of luck and fight. .

But don’t get into that kind of game. .

black Jack Betting system
Some online casinos have a popular game called Blackjack.

In this game, we statistic rules of strategy,
There is a statistical table that increases the win rate.

You can increase your winning percentage by proceeding with the game according to the strategy table.

In an actual casino, you can not play while looking at this table, but in an online casino,
You can play while looking at the strategy table.

This is a nice online advantage.

Online casinos also have some advantages for these players.

Experience each game on your own, capture strategies for each game, gorgeous visuals,
Experience the fun.

Martingale method, burley method, ten percent method, monte carlo method
Betting system Martingale method Burley method Ten percent method
How players bet on the target game.

Betting strategy,
Also called Money management.

It is not to increase the win rate of the target game like the strategy table earlier
So basically any game can be applied.
Casinos are the way most people use it.

Betting system to reduce losses and to increase profits when you win
Have a betting system and find ways to do it in different situations.

The most classic and well-known method, the double betting method that has long been loved as a casino winning method.

This is a very common practice in casinos.

The martingale method is very simple,
“If you lose, the next time you bet twice the amount”.

First bet $ 1 and play, if you lose, the next game is $ 2,
If we still lose, we will increase the stake in the next $ 4.
If you do that, the money you spent before the third $ 4 bet game is $ 3,
If you win, one dollar will always be profitable.

But, of course, you have to keep playing until you win,
People with low funds may leave on the way, and so on.

And depending on the casino,
The upper limit (table limit) of the bet (latch) may be determined,
Even with abundant funds, it may not be possible to recover.

In addition, there is also a method such as Gran Martingale that is the main ball of the martingale method
However, it is not recommended here because the bet will increase.

Ten percent method = 10 percent method

Literally, bet 10% of your money

That’s it.

This method always pays twice the payout, roulette red or black, baccarat,
It is effective for blackjack.

In this way, the ten-percentage method, even if you keep losing, the decrease in funds is moderate,
The feature is that when winning, the fund will increase more and more.

It is suitable for those who want to keep losses low.

However, if the winning rate is evenly divided, it will be negative in theory.
That is a disadvantage.

In this method, a game with twice the payout is twice the Monte Carlo method,
Mainly baccarat, blackjack, roulette, etc.

In case of 3 times, we will capture by 3 times Monte Carlo method.
Roulette with triple payout.

This “3x Monte Carlo method”
It seems that the casino of the Duchy of Monaco Monte Carlo went bankrupt overnight.
No, it’s a surprise!

This is a low-risk, easy-to-try strategy because the bet does not swell even after consecutive losses.

It’s a low risk, high return image.

Because it is a method of betting on an array of numbers, it is somewhat troublesome if you are not used to it,
The method itself is not so difficult, so try it once.

There are many types of capture methods, so if you’re thinking about fighting,
It’s a good idea to find a strategy that matches the game you are playing.